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The Mikology Management is taking pride in bringing growth to your business by developing your people.

Increase retention

Driving positive change with interactive training and expert consulting.

The Mikology Management strongly believe in the power of the employee. When the employees thrive, your business thrive just as much. We use bespoke coaching, management and soft skills training along with expertise in HR and Talent to make sure your employees are set up for success and the success of your business with it.

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Productivity, motivation and happiness in the workplace has been directly correlated to leadership and management. If a manager knows how to build high performing teams and is skilled in manage performance, inspire action and encourage innovation and collaboration, the productivity and the retention will increase. Did you know that research has shown that a growth mindset culture has resulted in employees having 47% higher trust in the company and 34% likelier to be engaged and have a sense of ownership and commitment? My training is designed to be engaging, spark ideas and change behaviors that will truly benefit the individual, the team and the company.


Investing in your employees development through coaching has shown a range of benefits for companies, everything from increased productivity, engagement, confidence in themselves, higher emotional intelligence and better equipped to motivate others. I can offer bespoke coaching packages based on your employee’s or team’s needs. I can also offer specific sales and leadership coaching including personality assessment where the individual’s personality profile has been linked to a sales/leadership model. More information about the assessment HERE!


Most employees don’t leave their roles because of better money, but because of lack of growth and development opportunity in their current role. By having clear development plans for your staff you will increase retention. We help you create processes and implement initiatives that enhances your culture for a healthy, happy and productive workforce. We also help you put in place procedures to drive diversity and inclusion.

Increase retention