This Masterclass with weekly live coaching sessions is design to give your managers the confidence and tools to be effective managers and leaders.

By the end of the program your managers will:

  • Be completely aware of their strengths and development areas and have strategies to leverage the former and develop the latter.
  • Feel comfortable to lead in a world of change.
  • Know how to create trust, transparency and authenticity in the team and in the relationship between them, their direct reports and and other stakeholders.
  • Know how to motivate and develop their team and individuals by using feedback, quality conversations and coaching techniques.
  • Be able to create accountability and autonomy by delegating effectively.
  • Be able to influence and inspire others.
  • Set direction and intention for your team and communicate it effectively.

What topics do we cover:

  • Strengths and weaknesses – the managers will do a validated 3rd party personality assessment related to leadership to help them create further self-awareness. The manager will be coached through the results in a 1:1 coaching session. The manager can use this report as a guide when learning the following topics. (Week 1)
  • Overcome self-doubt, limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome. (Week 2)
  • Lead in a world on constant change and uncertainty. (Week 3)
  • Building a thriving culture. (week 4)
  • Set clear direction and intention. (week 5)
  • Motivating and developing your team. (week 6)
  • Impactful communication. (week 7)
  • Bring it all together. (week 8)

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